I am in the process of learning the level II skills and I had a ah-ha moment the other day and I figured that I would share.

About a month ago I was lucky to spend some time with Brett Jones and he taught me the basics of the windmill and bent press. I had a basic understanding of these lifts before but I wanted to learn and understand the finer points before diving in. I have had low back injuries in the past and the bent press seemed a bit overwhelming.

The first thing that I noticed was the foot position in both the BP and windmill. The 45 degree toe out helped guide me in the right direction to achieving what I call the "lateral hip hinge" This was not lateral flexion at all but a safe/correct way to move while learning the BP and windmill.

Once I began practicing I noticed a few things:

1. Asymmetries in my t-spine jumped out like ninja at a wedding

2. Hip asymmetries were apparent in my " lateral hip hinge " especially external rotators

3. The BP, windmill and bottom portion of the TGU "after windshield wiper" all had this " lateral hip hinge" pattern that I need to practice.

Just attempting these new movements allowed me to find imbalances that I didn't realize were issues and I am grateful that these newly learned skills are teaching me so much about movement. It's pretty cool when you can learn a new exercise and learn something hands on about your own movement patterns and how to address them.

I started working on my T-spine, mainly from the TGU position mentioned. Instead of having bottom hand ( no bell ) near my knee I moved it forward almost towards my front foot and opened up my t-spine with a light bell, diaphragmatic breathing and light rocking into the " lateral hinge"

This has worked wonders and it feels sooo good

I am practicing both sides quite a bit and I have had amazing success opening up my t-spine and hips while learning the pattern for level II.

Another crazy thing that happened way what this did to my DS score. I am normally 2 and sometimes a 3 when I work at it. Yesterday I had to demo a DS for a screen and I dropped down better than ever. I have never felt so in the DS so I was pumped. My client didn't care but I was happy ..I was a damn proud 3 on that day

For those of you learning level II skills I hope this helps, I am moving better than ever and my low back hasn't felt this good in a year or so.