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Saturday, March 19, 2011

days 20 and 21 of the 40 day program

Half way through!!!

I have hit a couple press PR's thus far so I am pretty pumped. I am still adjusting to the high volume of pistols per week. Some days my back gets a bit sore so I am always cautious about that.

Pull-ups are pretty easy, I am pretty sure I can hit a 48k pull-up on any given day which is nice. If I had to guess I am at a 40k pistol at this point, on my next day of singles I will see.

Some PR's so far

44k press L and R
40k for 2 L and R

Day 20 all 2x5

Press 32k, 32k
Pull-up- 20k, 20
Pistol 16k, 16k

Snatches 6 min of 30/30 with the 16k

ab roll outs

Day 21- 5, 3, 2 rep scheme....my favorite :)

Press 32k x5....36k x3....40k x2
Pull-up 20k x5....32k x3....40k x2
Pistol 16k x5, 3 and 2 were body weight pistols...I need to start doing more of these. They require better mobility are easier on my joints

Things are going well and I feel like I am back in my groove. The beast is mine ;)

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