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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Days 18 and 19 of the 40 day program

Day 18

All 2x5 rep scheme

Press 32k
pull-up 16k, 20k
Pistol- assisted w/TRX...very cranky back

30/30 10 minutes of swings with the 28k

1x10 ab roll outs

Day 19

5, 3,2 rep scheme

Press- 32k x5 L and R, 36k x3 L and R, 40k x2 with R and 2x1 with L
Pull-up- 20k x5, 28k x3 and 32k x2
Pistol- 16k x5 L/R...24k x3 L/R...28k x2 L/R

snatches 3 min straight with the 24k, 64 reps

Core- valslide bodysaw

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