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Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Practice Day

Z mobility drills
aslr work
rib pulls
dowel squat press from different depths (WOW)
16kg get-ups 5 L/R
100 24kg swings
3x4 16kg pistols L/R
4x3 s-arm press 32kg x3 and 36kg x3 (felt light today about time) :)
40 strict pull-ups
40 strict dips

Added tons of mobility work into each set, lots of ASLR work, S-leg deads before pistols and modified Bretzels.

I think i am learning how to practice better these days, I feel good after my lift not worse!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What I learned today 3/25/10

When stretching the hamstring, dorsiflexion of the ankle is not necessary. You may "feel" it more but what you may feel is neural tension and not necessarily true lengthening of the hamstring. Thanks Al!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1st ever RKC GTG in New England

I can't wait!!! New England RKC's have to represent, soooooo here is the scoop on the RKC New England GTG:

When: Saturday April 17th

Time: 10:30am to whenever we are done

Where: Athletic Evolution, 78B Olympia ave, Woburn, MA 01801

Please forward this to all RKC's you know and see if they are interested. I have some bells but the more the merrier. I also have an FMS test kit if we choose to use it. I have plenty of chalk as well.

Please email me to confirm at mpbass5@gmail.com.

Bring a snack and get ready to have some fun! Anyone own a beast?


Friday, March 19, 2010

Kettlebells make you invincible

Here is a quote from a good friend of mine, I introduced him to hardstyle KB training a few months back.

"Dude, kettlebells are scary. They make you feel invincible. Like I did tough workout today and I was pretty certain I could kill a man with my bare hands."

Hardstyle Kettlebell Training- if your goal is to kill someone with your bare hands, please contact your nearest RKC.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Assisting at a RKC

I inquired yesterday about assisting at an RKC in the future. I was pleased to find out that my team leader had reccomended me as an assistant. It doesn't seem like a big deal but it made my day. Power to the RKC!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Conditioning for soccer players

Soccer is a passion of mine, I have played since I was 6 years old. I have been very fortunate to train several pro soccer player over the years and have developed a pretty straight forward way to get fit fast. The protocol is designed for a pretty fit high school player all the way up to the pros. All of these intervals are based on 1 minute of work, so a 45/15 interval would be 45 seconds of a brisk jog and 15 seconds of a sprint. I use 50 yds as a distance, this way you can open up your stride length.You will be running back and forth for the duration of your workout. These workouts will be done twice a week, and at the end of a training session. This will take 9 weeks and if you are honest and if you train hard, you will reap the benefits. This training regimen will replace long distance running.

Weeks 1-3

#1 45/15 for 5 min
#2 45/15 for 6 min
#3 45/15 for 7 min
#4 45/15 for 8 min
#5 45/15 for 9 min
#6 45/15 for 10 min

Weeks 4-6

#1 40/20 for 5 min
#2 40/20 for 6 min
#3 40/20 for 7 min
#4 40/20 for 8 min
#5 40/20 for 9 min
#6 40/20 for 10 min

Weeks 7-9

#1 35/25 for 5 min
#2 35/25 for 6 min
#3 35/25 for 7 min
#4 35/25 for 8 min
#5 35/25 for 9 min
#6 35/25 for 9 min

A few thoughts....

Conditioning is all in your head, keep your head down and train hard every step you take.

Be honest when you sprint, when it's time to sprint, you better be moving!

Make sure you turn in both directions at the end of each 50yd marker, you do not want to create imbalances by only turning one way.

Never act tired, act as if you have been there before and you are comfortable. Never let your opponent see you fatigued, be mentally tough. Make sure they quit before you do.

I have done this, it works. I would never prescribe a routine that I haven't done myself. Practice what you preach.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

a few things

Just got back from the Bahamas, Atlantis was fun, we may have to re-mortgage the house after paying for the food there. If you ever go, bring some cash or get a 2nd job 6-8 months prior to the trip.

Atlantis didn't have kettlebells, booooo...

I just signed up for the Z-health R and I phase certs in Boston - can't wait.

My website www.skillofstrength.com is getting built by my amazing wife, it should be ready to go within the next 30 days or so. Honey you are the best!!

Back is feeling better, its amazing....when I stick to my mobility drills and not over train I feel better. I guess a need a strength coach.

Just got my "I just pood" bumper stickers - yes I am 30 and think it's funny.