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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 25 of the 40 day program and some thoughts about goal setting

Today I had to change it up a bit. I was feeling as if these workouts were getting tedious. I have committed to the 40 day plan but sometimes it's tough to do the same lifts every day.

Sticking to a plan is essential to reach your goals but sometimes you need to trick yourself into finishing the task at hand. My prep was very different today so I figured that I would post what I did differently:


Ankle mobility
kneeling hip flexor stretch
30 hip hinge
lunge with kb overhead a'la TGU style

2x10 135 back squat
2x10 135 deadlift

I have no trouble at all getting my joints mobile and moving well but sometimes I need to just get a good sweat in to really get my body feeling good. Joint mobility is good and it works but a good sweat feels great. I wish I had a sauna....I will check with the wife on this and see how it goes :)

All my lifts were sets of 10 today

Press 2x10 with the 24k...shoulders felt great
Pull-up 2x10 BW
Pistol 1x10 - L and R with the 12k

snatches 100 reps with the 20k....4:40 was my time


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