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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 37 and another great session

2 Great sessions in a row...This can't last ;)

I prepped differently today. I started working on my double overhead kettlebell squat. This is very tough and will take a month or 2 to nail. I figure that if I can nail the double overhead KB squat, my overall mobility will be ok for level II in July. I think I am there already but it never hurts to over prepare.


24k x5
32k x5
32k x5


24k x5
24k x5
28k x6


BW x5 L and R
16k x5 L and R
24k x5 L and R

Snatches...2 sets of 50 with the 16k, each set took about 1:30 or so

Day off tomorrow....pheeew

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