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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 5 of the 40 day workout and Saco HKC

Today went ok, presses felt good and snatches felt amazing. I cleaned up a small timing issue on my snatches and it really helped.

2x5 rep scheme on all

Press- 32k, 32k

Pull-up - 20k, 24k

Pistol- 16k, 16k

Snatches 15:15 for 8 minutes. I averaged roughly 9 snatches per 15 seconds.

Saco HKC

I had the pleasure of assisting Master RKC at the Saco Maine HKC. Jeff Falcoswki RKC also assisted, both are great guys :)

We had a good group up there. A few needed some work but it went well overall.
A few tips for future HKC and RKC candidates:

1. clean up any shoulder mobility issues, master the lockout and all of your lifts will be better

2. practice and spend at least 1 hour with a good RKC before the HKC. It may be the difference between pass and fail.

3. Get the FMS, fix the issues and train smart :)

Thanks again to Brett and Jeff, we had a great weekend.

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