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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 4 of the 40 day workout

Felt crappy at the beginning, once I got warm it felt better.

I spent the weekend at the Saco, ME HKC cert with master RKC Brett Jones, he helped me with a slight timing issue on my swings/ballistics. He also gave me some good rooting advice. That guy should teach kettlebells for a living...he's pretty smart :)

All 2x5 rep scheme

press 32k, 32k

pull-up 20k,20k

pistol 16k,16k

snatches...all with 14k...7 minutes total

2 min of 15:15...this was too easy. After 2 min I did 5 minutes straight with no problems.

My feet were burning during the pistols and snatches...I guess I was rooting ok :)

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