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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anyone can swing a kettlebell

I hear it all the time. Kettlebell swings are easy. If you think that Kettlebell swings are so easy then you should....

1. Maintain the box-squat alignment during swings or when picking up or setting down the kettlebell

2. Not shrug or move the shoulders forward

3. Maintain vertical shins at the bottom of the swing

4. Keep the kettlebell above the knees at the bottom of the swing

5. Extend the knee without forward movement

6. Keep the heels down and tracking the toes at all times

7. Keep the foot turnout less than 45 degrees

8. Extend the hips and knees fully at the top of the swing. Your body should form a straight line

9. form an extension of the straight and loose arm(s) at the top of the swing

10. Use the biomechanical breathing match

11. Not overgrip the bell to avoid fatique

12. Tighten glutes and stomach at the top of the swing

13. Keep your eyes on the horizon

14. Allow the hips to drive the bell while the arms(s) guide it

15. Enjoy the float at the top of the swing

I am sure that you do all of these because anyone can swing a kettlebell ;)

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