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Monday, July 4, 2011

This is dedication!

I just saw this on ESPN.

I sat on my couch with a lump in my throat.

This guy amazes me, plain and simple. This hits home for tons of reasons.

Heroes are people who step up to the plate and do whats right even is no one is watching.

The men and women of our US military all have stories like this. Thank you on this July 4th for serving  our country. You have stepped up to the plate so we don't have to. You are all heroes.

So if you read this, do me a favor:

Stop complaining about traffic, you are blessed to have a car.

Eat all of your food, some people have none.

Hug your husband, wife, kids or dear friends.

 Oh, and yes, this is a training blog...here you go.

Dig a big deeper, train a bit harder, stretch longer, drink more water, go to bed early. Eat your vegetables

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