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Monday, June 21, 2010

Coach vs Critic, which one are you?

I train athletes of all ages. I love to teach and mentor my athletes. When someone leaves me they should have learned something, if they didn't then I feel as if I didn't teach them properly. Some athletes are easier than others but my goal is to educate. There are many Strength Coaches out there but too many of them are Strength Critics. Here is how I distinguish the two.

Strength Coach

-provides an assessment for the athletes
-teaches the athletes his/her prep/corrective work and gives them the reasons why they are doing it.
-teach the athlete how to perform a lift and master it so the athlete can perform it on their own SAFELY
-provides feedback after every set/rep, praise for good reps and constructive gentle criticism for poor reps
-watches every move the athlete makes
-motivates the athlete
-CARES about the athlete
-learns something new every day
-the athletes leaves feeling good and cannot wait to come back

Strength Critic

- drills the warm-ups, never teaches proper movement patterns
- tells the athletes he/she is doing wrong but doesn't show them how to fix it
- cares more about their own workouts, not the athletes
- beats them into the ground with too much volume
- the athlete leaves learning nothing but they got their "butt kicked"
- puts down every other strength coach yet fails to learn something new everyday
- the athlete leaves beat to death and cannot walk for 3 days

Anyone can tell athletes to do a drill, not everyone can teach an athlete to master a drill. There is a HUGE difference. Make an impact on how your athlete moves, feels and carries themselves. Be the type of Strength Coach they tell their kids about 20 years from now.

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