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Monday, December 13, 2010

500 FMS screens in 10 hours :)

I recently screened roughly 500 youth soccer players, I got some great info. The ages were:

u-13 boys and girls
u-14 boys and girls
u-15 boys and girls
u-16 boys and girls
u-16 boys and girls
u-17 boys and girls

These were all high level players affiliated with the ODP program in MA.

We recorded previous injury history, as well as any type of growth related injuries, ie osgood, severs, etc..

Each group had 35-50 kids in it.

Some interesting findings off the top of my head, these are in no specific order:

-tons on concussions, every team had a minimum of 3 players

-a fair amount of separated shoulders and ac joint issues

-lots of anterior compartment syndromes and lumbar stress fractures which to me means OVERTRAINING

In every group there were at least 3 kids with osgood schlatters or severs disease.

In younger girls ( pre-pubescent ) the hurdle step showed lumbar hyper extension present during the step and poor hip stability on the opposing leg. The scores seemed to improve with older girls.

The DS scores were higher in pre- pubescent male players. Several players that were more mature scored poorly and we had many 0's given due to lower back pain in the DS, not good IMO

The HS showed similiar movement patterns in all soccer players, externally rotated femurs, poor ankle mobility. Better stability was present in older more mature athletes and younger athletes scored worse. Also, I think I had maybe 5 scores of 3/3 the whole day.

ASLR was very up and down as far as scoring went. It was weird, this seemed the most inconsistent as far as scoring goes. I couldn't see a pattern as well with this but once I dig deeper I may see patterns

RS- maybe 4 3/3's all day, lots of 2/2's. The ability to move opposing limbs while stabilizing the spine was poor in general

Same goes for Inline lunge, lots of 2/2's but not many 3/3. The scored were higher in pre-pubescent kids while lower in older athletes. Once these kids hit puberty, there movement goes to crap, plain and simple.

TSPU scores were obviously lower in younger athletes. A surprising number of mature male athletes cannot connect the core with the upper body...not good

SM was better in pre-pubescent kids overall, the males scored lower once matured and their wasn't much of a drop-off in females.

The highest score of the day was 19

Very interesting :)

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