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Monday, October 11, 2010

A message to new RKC's

The RKC weekend is a life changer. The people are passionate, High Fives are flying around like moths on street light. People are pressing giant kettlebells, networking, flexing their abs and are all fired up. You leave the RKC and you say to yourself " I can't wait for RKC 2, and the CK-FMS. I am gonna sign up asap.

Here is my advice....don't. I am not saying that you shouldn't take the courses, I am saying that you should wait. Wait and take the time to apply what you have learned. It's great if you can accomplish the basic lifts but teaching it is a whole different story. Once you have taught 50 different clients how to do the basics well, you will have a deeper understanding of the basic lifts. Then after the 50 clients, you will still have much to learn.

I am amazed at newly minted RKC's that create DVD's a week after the certification. Props to them that they have taken the initiative but IMO, its a bit premature. Just because you can regurgitate verbatim what you learned at the RKC doesn't mean it's time to create your own DVD.

I am not ripping on you, I am just saying that you should take your time and learn how to be a great coach. A great RKC is a great coach, this means that you can teach anyone how to perform the lifts.

Take your time and enjoy the ride, strive to be better, teach for free, learn, screw up, learn again and repeat for life.

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