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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The 20 minute kettlebell workout

Here is my new favorite kettlebell routine. It takes 20 minutes, thats it ;) It's very simple but not easy. Here are the basic rules:

Pick 1 size kettlebell, I use the 24k for this. Choose wisely, your goal is to not change bells.

You will stay moving for 20 minutes, do not stop.

:30 of 2 handed swings
:30 of Goblet squats
:30 of pushups
200 meter run.

Repeat this for 20 minutes without rest. This is not an "all out" crossfit type routine. Quality reps is key. If you do not know how to manage fatigue yet then this workout is not for you. Keep track of how many "rounds" you finish and try this twice a week for 4 weeks.

If you are gassed, use the 200 meter run as a active recovery, if you can fly on the 200 meter runs, go for it.

The average male KB'er should start with a 20k or 24k while most women (not all) should use a 12k, 14k or 16k bell

Pace yourself, it's a long 20 minutes

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